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Heather Pendely

Born and bred a California girl. Although I have an accounting degree, the written word is my first love. I was hooked from the time I completed a Writer’s Digest course long ago, but other things got in the way.  I have a 15-year background in business, primarily banking and finance, but also have experience in real estate and property management. Over the years, colleagues called me a “word nerd” but now I have fully embraced it! I've completed several editing courses, am currently pursuing a B.A. in English, and will complete the Specialized Certificate in Copyediting at UCSD by the end of this year.

I worked with Johanna Sparrow back in 2017. I look forward to the future ahead and a long lasting relationship. 

Member of:

ACES (American Copy Editors Society);

IAWPE (International Association of Professional Writers and Editors);

EFA (Editorial Freelancers Association);

San Diego Writers, Ink


Freelance Graphic Designer




I'm a freelance graphic designer specializing in book cover designs for publishers and authors. 

I started working with Johanna Sparrow in February 2015.  We met through 99designs.  I worked on her cover, "Bruised Hearts."  Since that time, Johanna and I have had a great working relationship.  I know what Johanna likes and what she doesn't like when it comes to her covers.    

Freelance Publicist


I managed Johanna Sparrow from January 2014 to August of 2017.  Over those 3 years I helped to build her image through branding and marketing.  In February of 2018,we started working together again.  My goal is to continue helping her become a household name in the fields of self-help, coaching, broadcasting and much more.

I am currently pursuing a B.A. in Business Administration at University of Maryland which will be completed by the end of this year. 


Johanna Sparrow has worked with many professionals over the years and has built some wonderful relationships.  Every writer needs a great team of experts who can help him-or-her produce a polished work of art.

Here are just some of the awesome experts I work with daily.

Working with Johanna Sparrow

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