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"Sometimes Your Tragedy Is Your Best Feature." - Johanna Sparrow

Antoinette M. Watkins was born November 22, 1969, and was raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. I now resides in San Antonio, Texas with my wonderful and loving husband of thirty years and two adult kids.  I am truly blessed to have the husband and family I have and would not trade it for the world.  Family is important to me and everything.  My husband is my best friend, lover and counselor, I thank my God everyday for bringing him to me.   Johanna Sparrow worked as a freelance writer and illustrator until releasing her first children's picture book through Xlibris in 2004 titled Silly Shoe Vol 2 under the pen name A. M. A. Watkins. I released a second book that same year titled Olive Turnip Vol. 4. She has written and illustrated off and on for other writers and did not release her next children's book on Amazon until 2014 called, Tank the Shy Turtle, written under the pen name Cookie Adams. Also, in 2014 she released Bigmouth Betty and Wormy Wiggly Mr. Ziggly under the pen name Cookie Crumbles.  Johanna Sparrow is in the process of revising all of her children's books from 2004 and 2014.  She is a proud indie author who enjoys having complete creative control over her literary works from start to finish.


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About Johanna Sparrow

Antoinette M. Watkins writes under the pen name Johanna Sparrow and has been writing for over 22 years. She has published a variety of writings ranging from self-help books to children's stories. In these books, she tackles dealing with personal growth, relationships, conflict issues, and much more. She has used her expertise, knowledge, and experience to create a personal system that she has used since 1995. The "Heart Bruised Conscious Connection Renewal" (HBCRR) system helps in strengthening relationships. Today she has released, Breakthrough to help one's spiritual journey. 

Becoming an Author

In 2014, Johanna Sparrow wrote and released her first self-help book dealing with relational aggression through bullying, gossip, and lies. This book is titled Don't Tell the Milkman If You Don't Want Him to Tell the World. During that same year, she released two other self-help books combating the issue of conflict that affects one's sex life and the other on relationship commitment phobias. Titled The Elephant in the Bed and Sabotage, Commitment Phobias. Johanna Sparrow self-help books focus on relationship issues from both the male and female perspectives.

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