The Best Me Ever

Life offers no sweet rewards when you’ve been hurt, but it does force you to face yourself. In a mirror of lies you’ve been told and you’ve told yourself, somehow convincing no one but you of their truth, you learn to let go of the past. You let go when your hands can no longer carry its secrets, you let go when you have given your all, and most importantly, you let go to be reborn. Decades of heartbreak has made me see myself, not my hurt or pain, but the beauty in me that’s always existed. The best me ever beneath the dust, rocks, and torment, finally rose up. I now see new colors in the world that once only offered a grey and black veil to look through. The colors pop like my old life and heartbreak is nowhere to be found.

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Anxious Avoidant in Love

You’ve been playing games in your relationship far too long and it’s about to cost you what you really you want: love. If you don’t pull it together and get a grip, you know you will be alone soon. Fearing rejection and abandonment, a person with the fearful-avoidant attachment style is passive-aggressive and has a hard time seeing their own worth. They question love and their actions are confusing to their partner. 

This book discusses all four attachment styles, but highlights the fearful-avoidant partner.


Jealousy A Memoir of Sibling Rivalry

Growing up with a sibling or siblings has its moments and can make for some pretty tense encounters when you are all together. Trying to see eye to eye when there is constant rivalry, jealousy, and envy destroys family moments. How do you deal with the sibling you are not competing with, but who seems to be competing with you? For starters you must learn how to convey the message of love and acceptance verses competition and jealousy to have the relationship you seek.