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To further assist in your search for solace within life's obstacles, Johanna Sparrow also provides readers with insightful self-help books. Available nationwide, these books will assist you with personal improvement and give you the clarity you need to tackle anything. She has also written powerful novels, and her free blog is another wonderful resource for those struggling.      

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New Releases

I TOOK YOU FOR GRANTED : The Short Stories of Allen Griff’s Double Life
I knew my marriage was over after my wife caught me cheating on her again. But the cheating wasn’t the reason I ended our relationship. No, it wasn’t, and I told myself a million times that I would’ve stayed or tried to make things work with her if only she had kept her head on straight, which was all I wanted. But she became unglued. I’ve always seen my wife as a strong black woman never afraid of taking risk. Never one for falling apart, no matter the circumstances or roadblocks ahead. But I’ll tell you, the day I saw her fall apart was the day I saw she was no different than I was, human, and it was also the day I walked away. And now, looking back on it all, I regret it. My name is Allen Griff, and I took the love of my life for granted, and now my life is over.

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Emma, Lock Your Doors at Night, Sweety

EMMA, LOCK YOUR DOORS AT NIGHT, SWEETY: A Mother's Bittersweet Message to Her Estranged Daughter

If you’re a mother raising a daughter, you know how difficult things can become seemingly overnight. Holding on too tight or not tight enough can make for one tense rollercoaster ride that can be fatal in maintaining a healthy relationship.

In a desperate, last-minute attempt to save their relationship, if not her sanity, Emma’s mother penned an open, ten-page letter that exposed her broken heart to her daughter, in hopes that she’d return home. She went from acceptance to blaming Emma for their relationship not working, and that meant she was finally releasing everything to God.

Emma knew her mother was afraid that she’d move away from home one day, and her mother would always tell her, “Lock your doors at night, sweety.” That’s what she titled her letter, which turned out to be a final goodbye and bittersweet ending to a relationship that never had closure.

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Dismissive Avoidant in Love

DISMISSIVE- AVOIDANT IN LOVE: How Understanding the Four Main Styles of Attachment Can Impact Your Relationship

There are four different attachment styles, and one or multiple may be currently playing a role in your relationship and affecting your love life. Once you analyze your attachment style, you’ll learn the answers to the many questions you have about why you think and behave the way you do in relationships.

Everything you know about the inner workings of relationships is predicated on the attachments you’ve formed throughout your life.

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Black Mamba Cover

BLACK MAMBA: How To Recognize And Curtail Venomous People (Release date September 22, 2018).  Coming Soon

You live your whole life never understanding why some people are dangerous, until you cross their path. By then it’s too late. When they strike, you never see it coming. And they continue to strike until they break you down or force you to run and hide.

Don’t let people destroy you when they can’t control you; it would be a mistake that you can’t afford to live with. My goal is to help you deal with poisonous people, who are angry at life, so that you aren’t destroyed by them.

Adult Sibling, Envy


(Release date February 2, 2019).  Coming Soon

Growing up with a sibling or siblings has its moments and can make for some pretty tense encounters when you are all together. Trying to see eye to eye when there is constant rivalry, jealousy, and envy destroys family moments. How do you deal with the sibling you are not competing with, but who seems to be competing with you? For starters you must learn how to convey the message of love and acceptance verses competition and jealousy to have the relationship you seek.

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