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As of December 1, 2018 Johanna Sparrow has retried from hosting her 2 year show, Common Sense Talk that aired every Thursday at 12 noon/EST and 11:00 am/CST for one hour on AMFM  

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A true relationship is based on trust, loyalty and respect.  These days' it's easy to cheat, but  cheating won't bring you happiness and it's the worst a person can do to someone they love.  I write about love and how to make a relationship work based on the success of my 30 year marriage.


Antoinette M. Watkins writes under the pen name Johanna Sparrow and has been writing for over 25 years. With over 70 plus books written under her belt. She has published a variety of articles and blogs on commitment phobias, marriage and divorce just to name a few. In her books as well as articles and blogs, she tackles personal growth, relationship issues, conflict issues, and much more. 

She is an indie author by choice since it gives her full creative control over her literary works from start to finish.


Antoinette M. Watkins was born November 22, 1969, and was raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. She now resides in San Antonio, Texas with the love of her life, her husband of 30 years years and their two adult kids. She majored in psychology and speech at UMUC in 1996


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